How to Spot an Amazon Seller Performance Phishing Email?

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How to Spot an Amazon Seller Performance Phishing Email?

Unfortunately, phishing scams and fake emails have been around for a while. Scammers are always looking for new ways to trick us into giving up our personal information so they can get their hands on our hard-earned money. It’s not surprising that Amazon sellers are also receiving phishing emails from these scammers. Some of these emails claim to be from Amazon’s Seller Performance team.

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques. At first glance, the email below appears to be authentic:

amazon phishing emails

Before you do anything, make sure you DO NOT click on any links. Now, let’s put the above email through the test and see how it fares:

1. Is the email really from Amazon? No, it is not. Amazon’s domain is, not

2. Does the link in the body of the website take me to an Amazon page? No, once again, it does not use an Amazon domain.

3. Are you asked to provide personal information? It isn’t evident in this email, but the information they are asking you to provide once you click on their link is suspicious.

4. Are you asked for your payment information? Not in this one.

5. Are there attachments or requests that you install software on your computer or download a document? No.

6. Is the email well-written? Are there misspellings or grammatical errors? The grammar in this email looks good.

7. Now for the coup de grace: Does the email appear in the Performance Notifications section of your seller central account? If it isn’t there, you’ve been phished.


fake emails


So you’ve been phished, now what?

Report it to Amazon immediately.

To report the phishing email to Amazon, simply open a new email and attach the suspicious email to that email. Then send it to

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