Is Amazon’s Add a Product really all that it’s cracked up to be?

“There is no need to take the time to put in all of the data for the products I sell on Amazon… I simply use Add a Product and it works great! “

I hear this comment from a lot of merchants nearly every day.  It sounds reasonable – just add the product UPC, find the matched product and add the SKU number, price and quantity.  Ta da!  Done.

Yes, you’re done, but are you really going to make any sales?  The answer is both “yes” and “no”.

If the product is a well-known brand being sold by many sellers, the chances are great that the product is easily found whether the consumer searches or browses for the product.  Now whether you convert is another issue altogether and hinges on many different factors.  I’ll cover that particular issue in another post.

If your product is rather unique and is sold by only a handful of merchants, there may not be much data at all.  Amazon really requires very little to list a product; in addition to the obvious such as SKU number, UPC, price and quantity, you can generally get away with not much more than a price and an image.  Don’t assume that by “hitch-hiking” on another merchant’s listing you’re taking advantage of someone else’s hard work.  More than likely, that merchant has as much time as you do (and we know what that means – no time!) and only put up the bare minimum.

Amazon algorithms look to see how much of your own data you have contributed and dependent on what they find, you may or may not be on the short list for the Buy Box, arguably the most important place to be for any product on Amazon.

And what about Amazon Webstores?  If you make the decision to develop one of these, “hitch-hiked” data will not flow from Amazon SOA (sell on Amazon, or to your own private webstore.  This is a headache felt by thousands of merchants every year.

So before you use Add a Product, take some time to evaluate your goals.  Do you just want to get product up on Amazon or do you want to sell product on Amazon?

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