Change, the one constant we all have.

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Change, the one constant we all have.

Are you old enough to remember the times before computers?  When we kept ourselves organized using hanging file folders and ticklers with index cards and file boxes?

Change, OrganizationI spent hours upon hours developing systems and once I had it right, they were super and really kept me on top of my game.  I kept good notes on all prospects and clients and I always knew exactly when to contact them next.

Even contacting them wasn’t left to chance.  I developed numerous scripts and kept re-writing and trying them until I found one that worked.  And I memorized it so that no matter when I was interrupted, I could answer the question or concern and get right back on the train.  The prospect never knew it had been scripted.

I read books about selling and how to stay motivated from Zig Ziglar, Tommy Hopkins and Gerhard Gschwandtner, Change, Better Than Goodto name a few.  I listed to cassette tapes in my car.

Pictures went up on my mirror.  Places I wanted to go, things I wanted to buy, how I wanted to look as a businesswoman.  I created a signature look so people wouldn’t forget me.  I wore hats.  Had lots of hats and some were quite dramatic.  It worked.  I became the hat lady.

Nothing was left to chance.  All of this preparation made me good!

Here I am, many years later, contemplating all of that preparation and how I’ve gotten away from it.  Are you like me?  Been there.  Done that?

Yes.  I was there and I did that and it made me very successful.  Transitioning from those paper files, 4 x 6 index cards, knocking on doors and wearing hats to the new computer age where everything is done on computer and I don’t meet my prospects has taken a bit of getting used to.

Change, KindleBut we can still script our presentations and read and listen to sales and motivational material.  Not using books and cassettes, but Kindles and audio downloads/video streams.  We don’t need to drive 2 hours to attend an all-day seminar.  We can access webinars right from our desks.

I can still wear a hat, if I want to (lol) but no one will see me.  Now I have to use my voice and personality to make myself memorable.

The transition hasn’t always been easy, but well worth it.  I can reach more people in less time.  No driving for motivation and no running to the bookstore for books.  But I still have to develop my scripts and determine where I want to be, what I want to accomplish.

Let’s face it.  There are no short cuts to success.  It takes preparation and a lot of ditch digging.  We only lose when we don’t recognize that something isn’t working and we give up.  Change.  It’s the one constant we all have and we must learn to embrace it.  And you won’t get old once you’ve learned to welcome change.  It will keep your mind and spirit young.

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