Make Amazon work for YOU!


In this instance, I am referring to how to project to Amazon that you are a team player.  Amazon Likes team players. They see the advantage of having less friction with their merchant partners as it makes for a better symbiotic relationship.

You may think that Amazon doesn’t watch you, but they do, right down to your IP address.  After 14 years of working with Amazon we have come to the conclusion that the primary factor with advancing your relationship is to not attempt to shove a square peg in a round hole.  A quick example:


We supported a toy merchant who decided to add a few apparel items.  She was

                not signed up to sell apparel on Amazon so, against our advice, she listed the items

in the Toy category, relying on search terms to bring buyers to the product.  Amazon

removed the items and sent a warning email.  She just listed them again.  After a few

rounds of this Amazon simply removed the merchant altogether, causing a significant

loss of income to this merchant.


The objective is to work with Amazon the way it makes sense and without the irritation.  We all know that Amazon considers all buyers to be their customers and they are fanatical about their creed to continually improve the customer experience at every opportunity.  Frankly, it’s a great creed and it has helped make Amazon the world’s largest online department store. Business people shaking hands

So why fight?  Embrace Amazon every chance you get.  Use their systems to your advantage and sell the heck out of your products.  If you have some that don’t quite match their methodologies and platform, go elsewhere with those.  Use what you can and leave the rest.  We have a tendency to complain about what’s not working, too loudly.  Embrace what is working and don’t lose sleep over what doesn’t.

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