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There’s a lot to selling on Amazon

We hear from people every day that are in various stages of developing their ecommerce business.  Some have an exciting product or line of products and want to know what to do next.  Others are selling on their own sites and determined that now is a good time to branch out onto 3rd party marketplaces.  And others are beyond both but want to know what they can do to create even more market share.  No matter where you are, we can help you.  But before we get too carried away, this page is about Amazon so let’s stay on that topic.

LET’S START with the products.  As you’re undoubtedly aware, it’s very important that a buyer is able to experience your product without being able to pick it up.  This starts with your images.  You know what they say – A picture is worth a thousand words and this especially holds true when selling online.  Amazon has very strict guidelines about what you can and cannot have in your images, size and even background color.  Don’t go spending a lot of money on images before you know what will be acceptible.  Lots of people could kick themselves because they put the cart before the horse.  But you’re fortunate as you came here first!

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As stated, images are super important, but don’t stop there!  It used to be that if you put your product up on Amazon you’d immediately start making money.  We only wish it was still that simple.  But as the popularity of Amazon continues to grow, so does the number of sellers.  You might not think it’s important, but little things like what goes in your title first, second and third can make quite a difference.  And we haven’t even started talking about the description, bullet points, key words, search terms and other various points of data you can add in.  It’s enough to make your head spin but we really shine at helping you with your data.

WE COULD go on and on about everything that needs to be done to prepare your listings, but we don’t want to bore you with details you may not be interested in.  So we’ve highlighted 3 services for you below.

Amazon is a very successful and very complicated marketplace and it’s the gorilla in any room.  It keeps changing and we keep up with them, which can be difficult at times.  And if it’s difficult for us, how in the heck are you going to do it on your own?  Of course you’re more than capable, but you have a lot to do to run your business and sometimes it just makes sense to outsource.  This is one of those times.

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BRAND REGISTRY is a very important part of selling on Amazon.  Developing your own brand is the best way to help insure success.  It distinguishes you from others who sell similar items.  Going through the steps to create a Brand and then trademark it is a lot of work, but it’s only the first step.  Now you’ve got to get recognized.  Amazon has come a long way in helping its sellers market, enhance and protect their brands and it’s very important that you have someone in your corner that will walk you through it and keep it going.

You won’t find any company that will be more diligent in helping you market and protect your brand.  There’s a lot involved so to keep it as simple as possible we’ve put together the process for you:

  • We’ll determine if you’re eligible  for Brand Registry.  But don’t worry if you’re not, we can help you get there.
  • When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through it.
  • Did you know when you’re a member of Brand Registry you get to have your own storefront?  You do!  And we’ll talk with you about how you want it to look and then create it.  We’ll also submit it to Amazon for their approval.
  • Next there’s something called Enhanced Brand Content.  It’s something that will really help your product stand out.  We’ll help you with the creation of Narrative Copy and the insertion of additional images and video, when Amazon makes it available, and get it to Amazon for review.
  • We’ll make certain your product details always remain relevant and showcase your brand.
  • There’s a program called the Brand Registry Early Reviewer Program that we’d like to get you involved with.  Be sure to ask us about it.
  • We have a lot of extra services, as well, that will help maintain your Brand identity (we’ll do this for a pre-defined number of SKUs)
    • We’ll report Copyright and Trademark Infringements on your listings to both you and to Amazon
    • Unauthorized sellers are a troublesome issue so we’ll open cases and purchase your product (if Amazon requires it) to get them removed for you.
    • We’ll watch your listings for unauthorized ASIN contribution published by other sellers and open cases to get that information out of there!
    • You can also count on us to notify offending sellers that your Brand is restricted.
    • If you allow others to sell your Brand, we’ll let you know if they’re violating your MAP pricing. (limitations apply)
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