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Get to know us and our background

(We’re all eCommerce cheeseheads and geeks)

eCatalog Services is a Christian-based company in a little-known village just outside of Port Washington, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We hear cows moo and when the wind blows just right, we’re able to smell the fresh dairy air.  But don’t let the small town fool you – we hold our own with all of the ecommerce companies out there in the big cities.   But there is one big difference; we watch out for each other and that’s the kind of community you’ll be joining when you work with us.  We make ecommerce selling affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our Top Cheeseheads

Cheryl Wellman
Cheryl WellmanCEO, Operations
Cheryl started her career selling real estate at the age of 18 and never looked back. She firmly believes that we don’t sell anyone anything – we help them buy what they need.

A free spirit, she has never liked to work within a box and always knows how to find a way to make something happen. She took on the role of CEO in the summer of 2016 and is moving the company in a powerful new direction – one that will benefit not only eCat, but its clients as well.

Karl Wellman
Karl WellmanFounder, Business Development
A true entrepreneur, Karl formed eCatalog Services in 2004 after working in business development with one of Amazon’s original integrators. He made some long lasting friendships and those connections continue to help our clients today.

Karl takes a great deal of pride and satisfaction in helping businesses succeed. Not only does he use his expertise to help anyone in the business of “buying for a dime and selling for a dollar”, he’s also a great yenta and brings many of our clients together in mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships.

Pat O'Donnell
Pat O'DonnellListing Performance Manager
Pat has been with us for… well, forever! She’s a team player but most importantly, she’s our clients’ champion. She makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and gets the best possible service, from the smallest mom-and-pop-shop to the multi-billion dollar company.
Carol Vanderheyden
Carol VanderheydenProduct Upload Specialist
Carol never met a marketplace error she couldn’t run down and beat! She’s rather quiet but is always there working with our clients’ data to make certain those listings go up. Whether it’s Amazon, Jet, or Walmart… she’ll work with the marketplace to get your products published.
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