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Are you new to ecommerce? Are you feeling like you don’t know where to start? Are you worried that getting help will put you over budget? Have you submitted an application and haven’t received a response? You aren’t alone. Nearly everyone we talk to who is just starting out has these exact same concerns.

Walmart Marketplace is an invitation-only, professional seller community that fosters success. By partnering with the largest retailer in the world, you have the opportunity to reach over 110 million unique visitors a month (and growing). You have control over your business, including inventory, retail pricing, fulfilment and customer care.

Several attributes are used to match new items against existing items in the Walmart Catalog. The most important attributes for matching are global identifiers (e.g. UPC or GTIN) and manufacturer part numbers. When your item is matched with one or more items, the listings will be presented together on

You can select the carriers, shipping price and shipping method when you set up your Seller profile in Seller Center. We have five shipping methods available. Orders must be shipped in non-branded packaging and can't include materials from any company other than Walmart.

You control, specify and manage your return policy in Seller Center. Your customer service information (including customer service email address, hours of operation and customer service phone number) are clearly displayed with your item listings on

Product Life Cycle - Ecommerce Sales

Where are you on this graph?

If you’re in the Market Development phase we can help.


  • Do you feel like you’re spinning circles because you know you need to do something and you just don’t know what to do first?
  • Have you decided that Walmart is a good fit for your company and you’re hesitant because you don’t want to make a mistake?
  • Are you stuck in Analysis Paralysis?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to learn more now.

eCatalog Services is a Certified Walmart Specialty Solution Provider.  This means that we’ve been vetted by Walmart and they trust us, not only to represent them in a professional manner, but also to help people just like you make money on

I began working with eCatalog Services late last year, and I’m impressed every day.  My business is just me, and my TiteSheet product is so new that hardly anyone knows about it.  The old adage….”build it and they will come” is not true.  You can have the best product and a superb website, but unless you understand e-commerce and social media, your business will likely fail or limp along.  Karl was undeterred and accepted the challenge.  He put me in touch with one of his partners, LOCC, to advance the public awareness of TiteSheet, and the results have been staggering.  I consider eCat my valued advisor on everything. Karl and his team have big plans for TiteSheet, and I am thrilled to have eCat as my partner.
Jeff Burrill

Getting Started With

Let’s talk specifics – we know you want to

Walmart has some hoops you need to jump through so you’re going to need to give us some details about your business to make certain you qualify to sell on We’ll talk with you about - How long you’ve been in business - The kind of products you sell (Walmart will help push certain product lines) - Where you’re currently selling your products - Other ecommerce marketplaces you sell on - Your approximate gross sales both online and in brick and mortar store If you qualify we’ll help you with your application to make certain you’re displayed in the best possible light to Walmart. We’ll call Walmart to let them know your application is coming so that it’s fast-tracked. If you don’t currently qualify, we’ll let you know why and what you can do. Sometimes you may not qualify for Walmart but there are other marketplaces we can get your products on to help you with Walmart in the future. expound the actual teachings. of the great explorer of the truth, the aster-builder of No one rejects, dislikes, or human happiness.

After you’ve been accepted into Walmart, we’ll need to gather your product data. You’ll be introduced to someone who will be your primary contact for your Walmart business. She’ll talk with you about your product data and your images. Sometimes it’s a simple as an extraction from another marketplace or getting a file from you. Other times we’ll need to work with you about the specifics of what is needed, from titles to descriptions to types of images. If you don’t have what you need we’ll either do it for you or direct you to an eCat partner who specializes in what you need. At the time your data is ready, we’ll get it published to Walmart so that you can start selling.

We’ll also want to know any goals or particular issues you’ve been having so that we know how to proceed to get you the success you want. We have partners who specialize in things like package creation, inventory management, shipping, social media campaigns, custom websites, feedback, taxes and more! And we’ll stay with you through it all.